About Us

Building connections and promoting relationships.

Our Mission is to give older residents of Mt. Lebanon the resources and means, confidence and peace of mind to enjoy life while staying in the comfort and safety of their home, aging in place, in the community they love as they grow older.

Mt. Lebanon Village is good for the entire community. We support families by providing a caring network of volunteers spanning from children to teenagers and adults of all ages, to assist you or your loved ones as they age; giving you peace of mind in knowing there is somebody else who cares.

We bring members of the community together in a variety of ways helping to build connections, promoting relationships that are valuable to everyone involved, and fostering socialization and well-being. We support one another; partnering with families, businesses, schools, religious organizations, and others in an inclusive and welcoming environment. We are dedicated to supporting seniors so that they can age in place.

M. Lebanon Village is a proud member of the Village to Village network.

Our Staff

Joy Guerrerp-Fanien

Program Director

Jessica Higgs

Community Liaison